An interesting thing I learned today

While researching my spanish essay today I came across this piece of information that clarified a bit in Tristram Shandy. Thought maybe some of you may also find it interesting.

“Another difference you’re likely to see often is the use of a dash — such as the ones separating this clause from the rest of the sentence — to indicate the beginning of dialogue. The dash is also used to end dialogue within a paragraph or to indicate a change in speaker, although none is needed at the end of dialogue if the end comes at the end of a paragraph. It isn’t necessary to start a new paragraph with a change in speaker as is customary in English. These dashes are used by most writers instead of quotation marks, although the use of quotation marks isn’t uncommon. ”

So that’s what he’s doing. I think new paragraphs is much less confusing. But who am I to judge?

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  1. ejmcneill says:

    Found this interesting – thanks for sharing!

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