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If you’re opting for a blog submission for your final paper in 503 — regardless of the topic you’ve chosen — then here are some guidelines and advice.

First, your choice of format will not have any impact on your grade, as I said in class.

Second, remember that even if you write a ‘traditional’ paper you should feel free, though not¬†compelled, to adapt and adorn the paper in ways that advance your argument (e.g. charts, diagrams, illustrations, non-linear text blocks, origami / paper dolls, and irregular paper sizes and orientations). I’ll judge these elements on how well they suit your argument, not how decorative or inventive they are.

Third, you have three venues for posting a blog, should you go that route:

  1. to the existing 503 blog
  2. to a ucalgaryblogs site that you create 
  3. to a wordpress blog that you create, as Sarah Hertz did

Finally, I’ll read what you post to your blog as you post it, particularly if you send me reminders to do so. But I can’t promise I’ll respond to every draft or section, particularly after the end of March. It’s more effective to send me direct and precise queries that I can address in a few minutes, rather than asking me to give you guidance on a thousand-word section or a broad interpretive strategy or structure.

I will also do the same for papers; e-mail me your documents (PDF or RTF are best) and your direct questions and I’ll do my best to stay on top of them. Again, before the end of March will get you more of my time.

Generally speaking, I will grade your blog like a paper you submit on April 10th; that means I’ll archive the blog as it appears on that date (at midnight), and ignore any drafts I’ve seen beforehand. You can certainly continue to use your blog for other projects and rants and ramblings until the end of time; just make it clear which posts or pages are for 503, and off you go.

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